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Family or Career: The Choice That Should Never Have Been

The Sobering Facts About Egg Freezing That Nobody’s Talking About:

Even with the new flash freezing process, the most comprehensive data available reveals a 77 percent failure rate of frozen eggs resulting in a live birth in women aged 30, and a 91 percent failure rate in women aged 40.

There's so much pressure on those under about 30-35 to put their careers first and delay family -- and even finding love -- but advocating this to people as a way to have both a career and a family once they've climbed the ladder is naive as best, and cruel at worst. The odds are poor, the experience is traumatic, and any failure permanent.

Rather than telling workers to delay families, we should be encouraging balance early on in life for those who are happy not to be 90-hour-a-week startup founders and who just want a good career. I'd argue, and have before, that even those founder types should chill out a little, but I think it's a personality type more than a fad (though it's a type that has driven a fad, sadly).